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Screening Criteria

Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.

We are an equal opportunity housing provider.

Note: We do not accept Reusable Tenant Screening Reports

Credit Score & History:

FICO Risk Score, Classic 2004: Must be 600 or above to be approved with no conditions. Between a score of 500 and 599, an additional security deposit of $500 is required. A score below 499 is grounds for denial. For students or applicants with no credit score, no additional deposit is needed, but we require current college or university enrollment information, student loan documentation, or an offer letter from soon-to-be or current employer. If currently employed with no credit score, a copy of the last two paystubs is required. Proof of income greater than or equal to 2.5 times monthly rent in gross income is required. If Experian is unable to verify social security number, two forms of ID are required (state-issued ID, birth certificate, social security card, passport, work visa).

Grounds for Denial will result from the following on all applicants:

  • Verified eviction showing on credit report or confirmed by landlord
  • Rental collection verified on credit reporting
  • Balance owing to landlord that will result in collection filing
  • Extreme negative and adverse rental history, e.g. documented complaints and/or damages, multiple late payments, or 72-hour notices to pay or vacate with statement by landlord of “would not re-rent.”
  • Unverifiable social security number or lack of other documents proving applicant can legally reside in the U.S.
  • Falsification of rental application
  • Unless exempted pursuant to SMC 14.09.115, Hive is prohibited from requiring disclosure, asking about, rejecting an applicant, or taking adverse action based on any arrest record, conviction record, or criminal history, except sex offender registry information.

The tenant screening investigation includes a criminal background screening, limited to sex offender registry information only. All applicants will be screened for registry information. Hive considers the entire application and considers prior convictions reportable under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and rules of Washington, limited to those appearing on a local, state, or national registry only. Consideration will be given to the following factors relating to the conviction(s) that requires registry on a local, state, or national sex offender registry:

  • The nature and severity of the conviction;
  • The number and types of convictions;
  • The time that has elapsed since the date of conviction;
  • Age of the individual at the time of convictions;
  • Evidence of good tenant history before and/or after the conviction occurred;
  • Any supplemental information related to the individual’s rehabilitation, good conduct, and additional facts or explanations provided by the individual.

Section 8 Applicant Criteria:

  • All Section 8 applicants are required to meet the same criteria as stated above, with the exception that the applicant only needs to meet income requirements for their portion of the rent.

SMOKING OF ANY KIND IS NOT PERMITTED anywhere on the premises, which includes units, common area, decks, patios, and entryways, parking lots/garages. This rule is vigilantly monitored and strictly enforced. Landlord reserves all rights related to enforcing its no smoking policy.